Our fee is based on the number of words in the translated text (the so-called word-count principle in the target language), not in the original text.

Our fee for the translation of running texts is 15 euro cents per word, excluding BTW (Dutch VAT).

Discounts are given for the translation of lengthy texts (25,000 words or more). For shorter texts of less than 1,000 words we charge by the hour. Our hourly rate is 50 euro, excluding BTW.

Our rate for the editing of texts is between 4 and 7 euro cents per word depending on the quality of the original text and the degree of difficulty of the subject matter.

For certified/sworn translations a surcharge of 20% is added to the translation fee. There is also a surcharge for urgent translations.

Every translation assignment is different and we always supply custom-made solutions, so feel free to email us for a free, non-committal quote.